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It is likely to bring about a reshuffle Croatia Phone Number of the entire tv advertising industry. According to a report by the china internet network information center, in 2014, the demand. For application developers in china’s mobile internet industry. Was more than 2 million, while the actual number of practitioners was Croatia Phone Number less than 700,000. According to statistics from taobao university. There is a shortage of more than 4 million e-commerce talents in china. Correspondingly,demand for talents in the internet industry. Has grown exponentially in recent years.” Wei fungi said. From the perspective of employers. College graduates and talents from traditional industries. In the event that, need a period of training and transition.

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Recruit people who can immediately Croatia Phone Number meet business needs. The best way is to seek experienced companies from other internet companies. People, the result is that the price of talents in the industry continues to rise. In the event that, fill the Croatia Phone Number talent gap, companies have to pay salaries at market rates. “but in fact, this kind of talent price is inflated compared to the contribution made by the company’s people to the company.” wei fangyi said. Correspondingly, funded startups become a new attraction according to public statistics, in july 2014, there were more than 20 companies in china’s internet industry that raised more than us$10 million.

After These Companies Croatia Phone Number

Croatia Phone Number

Correspondingly, a large amount Croatia Phone Number of financing, they will invest a large. Part of the funds in the recruitment of high-end talents. And the prices given are often 10% to 30% higher than the original. Large companies, and some even have additional options. In the past year or two, we have found that more and more company. Personnel have Croatia Phone Number flowed to startup companies. Now this kind of personnel flow to startup companies has become the two main. Directions of our personnel flow along with job-hopping to large companies. And we judge. In the event that, trend will continue and even. Become more and more obvious.” chen shuanghua, human resources director of tencent’s shenzhen headquarters, told china business news.

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