It’s a Multi-Currency Seo Issue that Plagues the Shopify Store

Enabling multiple currencies, for example, allows US-based stores to sell to Canadian customers in Canadian dollars. This is a big advantage for many stores, as selling in local currency has been proven to increase conversion rates. Recent developments in Shopify Markets, expected to be International Domains, allow stores to automatically detect customer IP addresses and modify content based on those results, as it seems deprecated. Color Correction Services rice field. Some call this geotargeting or geolocation. The Shopify store also has the ability to automatically change currencies based on your IP address. For example, the store currency for US stores is the US dollar.

Color Correction Services

When a Customer Visits from Canada,

they can check out automatically using CAD. It ’s wonderful, is n’t it? Welle … Great for customers checking out, but terrible for SEO. Here’s the SEO issue In general, Google will continue to properly index all pages, so whether you’re using a .com domain or a .ca domain, you’ll see them in your search results. But which content will appear in the results of which domain? I think Canadian content and pricing will appear in the .ca domain, but I think it’s wrong. Automatic IP detection is not an accurate science. In fact, it’s really difficult. Google has a 99% chance of coming from the United States, so even if you visit a Canadian store, Shopify will modify your content to target US visitors. Means US dollar currency and English content. And there is a problem. Google comes from a US-based IP address. Google itself doesn’t want to use its IP location to automatically adapt its content.

Do Not Use Ip Analytics to Adapt Your Content.

IP location analysis is difficult and generally unreliable. In addition, Google may not be able to properly crawl site variations. Most, if not all, Google crawls originate from the United States and aren’t trying to relocate to detect site variations. Please be patient as this can be confusing. example Australian stores start by selling only to Australian customers. Therefore, Australian customers only need to use the AUD currency code. If the same Australian store decides to sell to the United States, the currency conversion must include both AUD and USD. This is a feature of Shopify’s multi-currency and international domains. As mentioned from Google above, in most cases Google crawls sites from the United States and does not change their location due to site variations.

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