Json-Ld for Seo Is Compatible with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0

A new version of JSON-LD for SEO app code to take advantage of the new features in Shopify’s online store 2.0. The best part is that you don’t even need an online store 2.0 theme to take advantage of them. Current JSON-LD customers for SEO who need to move to a new snippet can follow these steps:As of January 4, 2021, all new customers will have the new version. Banner Design Service Why are you worried about changes in the new installation online store 2.0 that you are migrating from your old snippets?

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Do I Need to Use the 2.0 Theme to Take Advantage

of the features of Online Store 2.0? Need to move to embed apps for JSON-LD for SEO? I have custom code in my theme, will migrating my app to a newer version affect the store? Migrate from old snippets JSON-LD for SEO can migrate old style snippets to the new App Embed Block. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. If you have already successfully or if you have specifically notified us of the migration by email, no further action. To start the migration, follow these steps: Step 1: Enable the app In the theme settings. Enable the Structured Data JSON-LD app from JSON-LD for SEO. Log in to the JSON-LD for SEO app and select Migrate SnippetFrom the app,

Select the Theme Settings Link Search for Seo Json-Ld

Enable the app in the theme’s app embed (the toggle must be blue). Select Save _ Don’t forget to select Save at the end. This part has captured a few people during the migration process. After enabling JSON-LD for your SEO app in your theme settings, select Save at the top right of the screen. Step 2: Delete the old snippet After enabling the app in step 1, select Customize JSON-LD for SEO settings to return to the app page. Select Delete old snippet to end migration JSON-LD for SEO enables apps with new themes in app embedded theme settingsWhen you’re done, you can test your site to see that JSON-LD of SEO code is running in this guide. Alternatively: manually remove the

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