Keywords That Are Typed by the User Based on the Purpose

Fill in the online store data
fill in the data description about yourself or your business, then click next.

4. Add your address
fill in the form “add an address so you can get paid”, then make sure the data input matches your personal data, then use it as a business address by default.


How to optimize shopify’s seo

seo or search engine optimization is also an important part of the website so that it is easy to find on search engines.

If generally seo is applied to wordpress websites, blogs, etc., how about seo on e-commerce websites, especially for shopify website users?

Here’s how to optimize shopify seo that you can apply.


1. Choose the right keywords so google can find your website
keywords or keywords are the core of seo. Keywords can tell google in detail the people who search for their needs through the keywords they type.

In order to get the right keywords, you need to know Greece Phone Number the keywords that are relevant to your business product.

You can differentiate keyword types based on “search intent” such as:

Greece phone number

transactions: keywords that are typed by the user based on the purpose to make a purchase. For example: buying and selling goods, english course services, etc.
Price comparison: keywords that are typed by users based on the purpose of comparing prices on a particular product or service. For example, check oppo prices, dslr camera prices, etc
navigation: keywords that are typed by users with the aim of finding a website they want to visit. For example kaskus forum, facebook login, etc
information: keywords that are typed by the user with the aim of finding information quickly. For example, seo techniques 2021, how to get website visitors quickly, etc.

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