Kuaishou and Douyin function comparison: viewing experience and comment function

The homepage of Kuaishou is the cover of the video. I think everyone can see that every time you watch a video, you have to go back to the homepage and click the next one. This step will be repeated every time you watch, so how much impact will this have on users?

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When Kuaishou returns to the homepage after watching each time, there is more screening process, which requires users to think about which video to click next? Then this matter requires the user to use their brains, and waste 1-2 seconds each time to repeat this matter, which is likely to make the user lose patience and make it difficult to achieve an immersive experience.

What criteria are users using to click on a video

  1. The number of likes shown in the figure above;
  2. Video cover.

These two points affect each other. First of all, in the absence of likes, the video cover will directly affect whether the user clicks or not, so Kuaishou users will find a way on the video cover. For example: add text, expressions, etc. to attract clicks.

When everyone does this, the clean and tidy UI interface will appear disorganized, which directly affects the overall tonality of the UI design of the APP.

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As mentioned in the preface, according to people’s herd mentality, the more likes, the higher the click-through rate, which will undoubtedly put more pressure on the new videos with zero likes, and maybe they will be ignored, which may dampen the enthusiasm of some newcomers.

2. Douyin

The Douyin homepage is directly a full-screen playback interface. It will start playing automatically. You can switch videos by sliding up and down. Personal, comment, like, and forward are all concentrated in the middle part of the right. What effect can this design achieve?


Once the user swipes an interesting video, the brain will release dopamine to make you look forward to it, and then keep swiping down for more fresh and fun content. There is no time display at the top, and the user has no concept of time and is completely immersed in it.

  1. Another interactive advantage of Douyin swiping up and down to switch videos is that it is impossible to predict the next video. You may be able to swipe to 0 new videos to watch, so that novice videos can also get a certain exposure and viewing.


Summary: From the analysis and comparison of the above points, it is true that the Douyin perception experience is better than Kuaishou. In addition, the intelligent algorithms of these two APP programs are very powerful. According to your browsing or comments, they can accurately calculate personal hobbies, and they will give you more similar content, feeding you step by step, and eventually becoming addicted.

2. Comment function

Let’s compare the commenting functions of these two apps. When swiping on the Kuaishou video to view the comment area, the video stops playing. When Douyin clicks on the comment area, the video continues to play.

①It’s Kuaishou ②It’s Douyin


1. When viewing comments, the playback status is different

Quick hand, swipe on the gesture, it is a comment. Such an important gesture is occupied by comments. It is conceivable that comments are very important in Kuaishou.

Because of the habit of sliding the screen, you will see comments on almost every video. When you see comments, the video stops playing.

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