Law Firms: How To Differentiate Yourself From The Competition?

Attracting new clients is the biggest challenge for companies in the legal sector. Consistently generating leads, and not just relying on word of mouth and recommendations, is the key to dealing with it. How? Differentiating yourself from the competition. law firms-how-to-differentiate-from-the-competition In Mexico there are a large number of law firms that offer a wide range of services in different practical areas, why should a client choose yours? You must differentiate yourself from others , add value to your services and be visible to your potential customers.

The companies that are consistently beating their competitors are the ones that deeply understand who their ideal customer is and how they can add value. The value proposition should communicate what your company does better than the competition. An inbound marketing strategy focused on the value proposition will help you differentiate yourself from competitors through useful content, attracting qualified prospects who become sales opportunities and later customers. How to differentiate my law firm with inbound marketing ?

They Share Their Knowledge?

The difference will be in the quality of information you share with users. Your work team will be your best ally for their generation and if they are the mobile phone number list experts in legal matters, why not create a blog in which The way in which services are contracted has changed . With the Internet, users can access thousands of contents, contact different companies, and all this before contracting the service, giving users a great advantage, which has led companies to implement actions to attract customers through through different techniques.

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Let’s think of the owner of a small business who seeks advice about hiring his employees, a law firm is a reliable source in which to look for information and later, if it was useful, hire your services. Inbound marketing is a methodology with which you will be able to attract visitors to your site through the generation of valuable content, convert them into sales opportunities to become clients and for them to function as promoters of your law firm. Generate more and better sales The inbound methodology is based on four stages: attract, convert, close and retain.

Work Based On Your Prospects

Based on the needs of potential customers, you will need to add value at each of the stages. Attract : The legal framework is complex and confusing. For many people, and the reforms to the laws mean that it is constantly changing. Creating content about the problems and situations that your potential customers are facing, allows those who are looking to solve them, to come to your site and identify with your business. Convert : Although it is important to attract visitors to the site with content, it is just as important that they share their contact information with us to become prospects and later real sales opportunities.

Start generating content offers such as ebooks, guides and webinars that respond to specific needs. Close : Manage sales opportunities and convert them into customers . One of the great advantages of the conversion of the prospect being. Online is that we can start the conversation with the context of the person . In other words, if the person showed interest in our guide for generating employment contracts. It is very likely that he is having challenges related to this. So instead of starting a generic conversation, we can start with. “Hello Mr. Prospect, I saw that you downloaded our guide on employment contracts.

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