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So take a critical look at your content. Do you still use the standard stock photos of unrealistically ‘perfect’ people? That’s really not possible anymore. Forget Photoshop, forget exposure, forget everything that was the standard ten years ago. Times have changed. People want diverse, real, rough, reality. As if they themselves could play a role in your content.

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Less the news feed that is perfectly staged, more current and real stories. You can also see this in the previous example of the organic waste China WhatsApp Number List campaign of the municipality of Oegstgeest. The portraits show reality and are certainly not polished. We see different ages, from young to old. Most residents of the municipality will recognize themselves in it and are more likely to adopt the message (‘we all separate waste’).

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Also read: 7 tips for your unclear (government) text 4. Dare to show yourself and be vulnerable Finally, we believe that it can really help if you really dare to be yourself. Among influencers on social media, we see that the more raw, unedited content is particularly successful. So don’t opt ​​for a professional camera crew and a tightly directed edited video for your annual Christmas message, but present yourself vlogging in selfie mode.

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