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My parents owned a small computer store in a small downtown in a small town that everyone knows. The entire city was less than 5 square miles. Thanks to their beginnings, I can say that I have a strong connection to supporting SMEs. Buying from a small business doesn’t just add more money to their pockets or pay their employees. This was how my parents put food on the table and paid a lot for summer camps, soccer jerseys, baseball equipment, and my brothers, sisters, and me. Their store was the exact definition of a mom & pop shop. E-Commerce Photo Editing Selling and repairing the Apple II was a good business at the time, but it was difficult to compete with big companies.

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Local Shop, Small Shop Today, Their Stores Are Gone

for a long time, but their entrepreneurial spirit and connections with small businesses remain. Whenever possible, I make small purchases and spend money where it makes the most sense. I want to help you do the same, so I’ve put together a list of local businesses in Portland, Oregon in Shopify. I hope this helps. None of the following Shopify stores are my clients. The only connection with them is that they want to introduce some great products. Kids and Kids at Heart One of Portland’s best new companies is A Kids Book About. They were also recognized for having 10 books selected for #OprahsFavoriteThings in 2020. We personally own 6 books and recommend the Kids Book on Racism as a great start to the conversation. They are ready.

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masterpieces, the latest whimsical stuff, Toy of the Year award-winning board games, puzzles, dolls, and science kits. Use Slumberkins to support your child’s emotional learning well-being. Their stories use research-based techniques to teach children important social and emotional skills. Hands 4 Building offers hands-on learning opportunities with real tools, real blueprints, and sustainable basswood sticks and strips. Students create their own model parts to create the actual structure. Steven Christian, creator of Iltopia Studios, uses his handmade work to change the way he interacts with art, technology, books and storytelling. My favorite is an artbook on black superhero issues aimed at redefining popular superheroes through the eyes of black children.

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