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However, this can be done a lot more efficiently, say Vincent van Brakel and Robert Keus in their article. It is in fact much easier (and therefore cheaper) to include digital accessibility directly in the design process. They share 7 common digital accessibility mistakes. So you don’t have to make them anymore. One response.

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Thank you for these great tips! I also turned out to have a bug of a UX bug on my website. Hyperlinks only with a color. But of course colorblind Honduras WhatsApp Number List people don’t see that. Equally adapted!” Image accompanying article about digital accessibility. 8. The 4-day working week for a full-time fee: attractive or nonsense? Working 32-hour workweeks and being paid for 40 hours: that sounds attractive.

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Remote working

But does this approach work for your organization? Matthias Laqueur did an experiment in his company and shares the results in this article. And that generated a lot of reactions, with pros and cons. A selection of the reactions: “The use of holidays must be carefully considered.” “I think a 4-day work week is possible.” “People have to learn to let go.” Man thinking about 4 day work week. 9. An unmissable development in Google Ads.

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