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If your website starts implementing your SEO strategy now, you can be well prepared for the future and even beat the giants in the long run. It has happened many times before that experience-hungry entrepreneurs have been more successful at SEO than Fortune 500 companies. This is because they create an incredible amount of content and extensive backlinking strategies. I suggest starting with an SEO audit of your website and comparing your keywords with the competition to get an idea of ​​what the competition is like. You can use the Ranktracker keyword-finder tool that I use myself. It’s inexpensive and great for finding new keywords.

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Can’t you just pay for a position on Google? Not for long. Advertising on Google is subject to CPC Inflation (rising advertising costs on Google). Industry-specific CPC inflation can easily increase by 100% year on year. Which in turn means that only well-established companies with good control of their CAC (customer acquisition cost) and CLV (customer Qatar Phone Number List lifetime value) will be able to profit from advertising on Google. Small businesses are rarely good at numbers, which is why they are small. Conclusions What if you operate in an industry where the trend of franchise and business networks is rising? Well, you should prepare your company for the fight now.

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Fortunately, SEO is still an underrated part of marketing as people don’t understand that Google searches are always need related. This makes Google one of the most valuable marketing channels. If you BS Leads want to know more about SEO, you can find good content on the Ranktracker SEO-blog . About the author Henrik Park is an SEO specialist from Norway who founded the SEO agency – which provides the highest rankings for both small and large companies in Scandinavia. Henrik has made several companies the most visible on Google in their industry. And it is open to accepting new customers.

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