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Market is growing at a rate of more Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List than 30%. And will exceed 160 billion yuan by 2015. 3. Online education “shuffle year” according to statistics from the online education. Website mustarddui, as of december 2014. Nearly 60 companies had closed down or changed direction, accounting for more than 10%. Among them, 11 are for early Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List education. 12 are for k12 (basic education); 9 are for english (course). 5 are for vocational; 4 are for study abroad courses. 5 are service providers; and 13 are other platforms. According to public information. Since 2013, an average of 2.6 online education companies have been born every day.

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Education websites within Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List a year and a half, and finally closed. In 2014 due to lack of funds. Chi yanming, chairman of beijing lisichen, said, “the entire online education industry. Has shown a booming trend in 2014. Many companies have deployed, and the secondary market is also in high spirits. With the disappearance Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List of the industry bubble, many online education companies it ended in failure because it burned too much money. And couldn’t find a way to make money.” 2015 online education trend forecast lu linlin, director of the internet education. Research institute, pointed out that 2015 is a period. Of adjustment for online education.

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Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List

Projects will continue to be funded, and a large Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List number of small businesses or companies that have just been established for a year or two are likely to die. Xiao mingchao, an expert in internet trends and marketing, said that teaching content is the core of online education, so ensuring Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List the quality, differentiation and scarcity of content is the direction of future online education development. Based on various information, in 2015, the main development trends of online education are: 1. Transform the mobile internet, from offline to online. Traditional institutions such as new oriental. Tal, and xueda education have begun to use mobile internet means, such as. Wechat and other social media, to interact with students and teachers.

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