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Mobile travel sharing application Hungary Phone Number bread travel. To where to go on weekends, to the rise. Of the sharing economy represented by xiaozhu short-term rental in china. The development of tourism o2o has fully blossomed. Although this may be true, new startups to ota veterans, to bat giants, the participation of the industry. Has formed a Hungary Phone Number situation in full swing. Next, the development of o2o will go beyond the stage of the concept of hype. Gradually deepen, subdivide the industry. And return to the essence of business. The reason is very simple, the trend of rapid development. Although this may be true, the internet and mobile internet will not weaken. According to iresearch data, in 2014, china’s online travel and vacation.

The Overall Leisure Hungary Phone Number

Travel market, and it will continue to Hungary Phone Number rise in the next few years. Reached 15.6%. However, at the same time, the essence of offline tourism consumption experience cannot be completely online. This characteristic determines that tourism must still be in the o2o mode, and this trend remains unchanged. 2. Development Hungary Phone Number bottlenecks faced by tourism o2o i have analyzed this issue in tmtpost ‘s previous article “realizing tourism o2o, three pain points only one step away. Although this may be true, a set of data quoted in it can help us understand this issue more deeply: according to the basic statistics of in 2013, the total transaction volume of air tickets in china was 362.2 billion yuan, accounting for 42.64% of the total online transaction value.

The Total Transaction Hungary Phone Number

Hungary Phone Number

Although this may be true, value of hotels Hungary Phone Number was 298.6 billion yuan, accounting for 20.58% of the total transaction value of leisure travel. 317.4 billion yuan, with an online rate of 9.23%; the total transaction volume of other parts is 1,969.1 billion yuan, with an online rate of 0.35%. From this set of data, it can Hungary Phone Number seen that the proportion. Of online transactions of standardized products. Such as hotels and air tickets is relatively high, while leisure and vacation products and others. Have lowered the overall proportion of the internet. Although this may be true, rate of online travel. If we continue to analyze from a single item. The transaction volume of tickets in leisure and vacation products is the key.

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