Monitor all entrances

Buy what’sapp phone number list. This does not only concern phishing messages , however . The more information (or data) about you is known to the cybercriminal. The easier it becomes for him to seduce a helpdesk employee. It is therefore also important that helpdesk. Employees are trained in these kinds of social engineering tricks.

In 2022, a corporate network

Be careful with access rights Not everyone has the code to the safe. Likewise, you also need to ensure that valuable business data is only Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List accessible to the people who actually need it. We call this Role-Based Access Control. If you work in the marketing department, you do not need access to the supplier administration or personnel data.

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Splitting the network into different segments, such as a network segment for the printers, a segment for the administration and a network segment for, for example, the guests, also helps. Should a cybercriminal enter, he can only reach a segment and then runs into a virtual wall. Cybercrime with Valentine’s Day 3. Put a good lock on the door A password alone is no longer enough to control access to your IT.

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