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People will type these questions into Google, and guess what…and your answers are below! Googling why do my plants have holes? Tip 4: Create relevant content Content is king… This is an old adage in the SEO world, and for good Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List reason. Some people don’t write content relevant to their niche, and this is reflect in their rankings. Content should provide value to readers.

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Tip 5: Use Locally Optimized Keywords This may seem like common sense. Sometimes someone creates an article without it in mind.  However, if your business needs to rank locally, then consider using these keywords as well, such as using “local SEO” instead of generic Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List terms like “SEO.” Locally Optimized Keyword Research Tip 6: Make sure all your images are optimized You need to make sure all photos, infographics, and other images are properly optimized for the web.

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Use Different Types of Images Take advantage of visuals by using different types of images to represent your product or service, such as infographics, graphs, charts, or diagrams. You can also create visual content like animated videos, which is a great way to explain how your product or service works. Phone with different pie charts 7. Use Contrast Make the most of your image’s empty space by placing it on a solid light background. Contrast will draw attention to your design.

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