Music therapist at the American Judicial Psychiatric Hospital I changed

There are many state hospitals in the United States. However, these are not typical medical hospitals. The patients in these hospitals mentally ill people who have committed crimes. The types of patients admitted to each hospital are different, including: Incompetent to Stand Trial due to mental illness Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Offenders of Mental Disordered

Mentally Prisoner Sexually Violent Predator and more The State Hospital the judicial psychiatric hospital currently conceived in Taiwan . Each state hospital is different in size and admits different types and numbers of patients. And I am working in one of the state hospitals in the United States, and the job title is “music therapist”.

Started my work as a music therapist three years ago

The patients in my hospital patients Kuwait Phone Number with civil commitment, which means that they have served their sentences, but they clinically determined to have a chance of re-offending, so they sent for treatment. Because of this, they can choose whether or not to receive treatment for mental illness. If they willing to receive treatment, after completing the treatment, the judge will decide whether they can be discharged conditionally.

On the contrary if they are unwilling to receive treatment

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They may spend whole life in the hospital, or they can seek other legal ways to discharged from the hospital. I have with this hospital for three years and started a two-week staff training three years ago after hired. During staff training, the lecturer told us that there many prohibited items in the hospital, including glass lunch boxes, chewing gum, and mobile phones, of course. put more items back in your car or in a locker provided by the hospital).

Every day I go to work, I go through a metal detector, and everyone’s bags checked. When swipe my employee card, I to check my face to confirm that it me, and check whether the body alarm powered. My hospital about 1200 patients, 95% of which Offenders of Mentally Disordered and Sexually Violent Predator. My current unit is like a small society, with patients of all shapes and sizes: some are as friendly as next-door neighbors, some are stubborn like a bull, some are cynical, and some are actively trying to change their lives.

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