Nice exaggeration

Our working method also includes a playlist (if you ask us, that is, we are big music lovers). That’s why we made the ‘Ramon Ramon Ramon’ playlist on Spotify . At the top of that list is ‘Higher Ground’, the Stevie Wonder classic. But in the rough uptempo version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That number puts us in the right energy state. Which music gets you in the right vibe?

Humor and art are created

Share it with your colleagues and go wild together! Jumping high five When we have done another job with Ramon, we regularly do a jumping high-five (see attached image, on which we imitate a nice wrong American stock photo). Readers Malta WhatsApp Number List with a little imagination will understand that this is actually a jumping high five of THREE persons: Jan, Vincent and Ramón.

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Jumping high five

We see celebrating successes as an essential part of enjoyable work. Jumping high-five for celebrating creativity. A high five from Jan, Vincent and Ramon. (Photo: Marieke Odekerken) Nice exaggeration on the basis of exaggeration. To make something clear, both the comedian and the artist like to conjure up images that are recognizable.

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