No space or budget

A simple example: webshop X sells 500 telephone cables per month in November. The webshop wants to increase the number to 1000 telephone cables per month in January (target). To find out what works and what doesn’t, the webshop wants to A/B test the customer journey and call-to-actions (tool). The right content experts for this webshop? An online marketer, A/B tester, customer experience expert and a project leader (skills). Also read: A really working recruitment strategy?

Hire someone?

Now look at labor differently [5 steps] 2. What does your current content team look like? Have all objectives and associated skills been recorded? Then it’s time to take a look at the content specialists in your team: What does your team look like? How Belgium WhatsApp Number List many people do you have on hand? How does your team work? For example, does your team work cross-functionally in an agile environment? Or else? How does your team do the best work with the best results? What skillset do your team members have?

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It is of course possible

Grab your goals and see what skills you need to achieve these goals. Skills include content management, content web editing, analytics and UX design. Are there employees who want to develop themselves in other skills? Perhaps you have a customer contact employee as a colleague who cannot contribute much to your goals based on his expertise. But what if this employee wants to gain experience in content management?

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