Offer an Agile and Useful Service

Few people know it, but providing customer service is also a determination of the vast majority of legislations. But you shouldn’t provide good customer service just because it’s in the law, either.

Especially in this time of crisis, the electronic commerce service is essential to transmit security . As we have seen, many customers are making their first purchases online or are afraid of wasting their money and do not want to be victims of fraud.

You must be available to answer questions and solve problems. It is also evident that people are more emotionally sensitive to the pandemic, so it is necessary to adopt a friendly tone and be efficient in assistance so as not to stir things up.

Place Strategic Products on the Home Page

The e-commerce landing page has great selling power. It works like the window of a physical store, which presents the products as protagonists and stimulates the purchase. At this point, then, you should think: what products should I highlight at this time?

First, take a look at the HR Directors Email Lists categories that are most in demand (which we talked about earlier), such as home products, food, entertainment, and personal care. If you work with these types of products, it’s time to highlight them, as Linio did well.

Financial intelligence specialists also suggest that companies identify the products that bring the highest profit margin and work with them to increase efficiency and profitability at this time . Therefore, these products can also gain prominence in your store.

Report on Your Operations During the Pandemic

HR Directors Email Lists

Don’t pretend we’re not in the middle of a pandemic. The new coronavirus is changing the entire world, and your store would be no different.

Therefore, it is not only the products that should appear on the home page. These operational changes and the impacts of Covid-19 on your business must also be clear and visible to the consumer.

Here is some information that may be relevant:

changes in hours of service;
changes in delivery times;
lack of stock availability;
product hygiene measures;
donations and social impact actions of the company ;
Transparency about eventual dismissals.
It is important that the operation of the delivery operations and the actions to combat the coronavirus in the company are detailed directly on the home page .

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