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On the platform to realize the e-commerce Indian Phone Number of the service industry. Personal (individual) to company (company), platform (platform) to. Credit assignment (creditor’s rights assignment) is another new concept. Of internet finance after p2p; this theory. Is the first p2c internet financial service in china. On-site inspections, screening Indian Phone Number out high-quality. Creditor’s rights projects with investment value and publishing. Them to investors on the platform; and provide. An online investment trading platform. And generate legal creditor’s rights transfer. And service agreements for investors. In real time; supervise the company’s. Project operation, management. Assess risks to ensure investor funds are safe.

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A concept video “future vision”, most of Indian Phone Number which. Are what will happen in the next 10 years. When microsoft and other companies are cooperating to think, and these the “vision” that seemed impossible. At the time has become what people call “black. Technology” after it has been slowly realized. Although it can be achieved, it is impossible Indian Phone Number to reproduce. The content of the video as it is; the functions are all there, but their expression has changed. Today, the author will take you to interpret the “future vision. From microsoft in 2009 and 2015. Without further ado, let’s start with the video. (insert, the highest resolution i can only find for the future vision in 2009 is 720p, and for the future vision in 2015, i can download the 2k version).

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India Phone Number

The “future vision” in 2009, and then Indian Phone Number look at the “future vision” in 2015. In the past 6 years, microsoft has seen so many future visions, which ones have been realized: 1. Instant translation in 2012, microsoft research publicly demonstrated the technology it developed for instant speech. Recognition and instant Indian Phone Number bilingual translation. Instead of the traditional “machine learning” approach used in speech recognition and translation. They used a then-novel “deep neural. Network” (now also called “deep learning”) technique. Rick rashid, chairman of microsoft research. Said that the technology simulates the behavior. Of the human brain, and can improve the system’s recognition ability. Through training, and the speech recognition. Effect is better than the previous generation.

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