Online Education Gradually List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

Online education gradually penetrates List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers into second-and third-tier. Cities nan lixin, founder and ceo of entrepreneur state. Believes that online education should not ignore the opportunities of some third- and fourth-tier cities. Huanggang online school was the first to start. In fact, it can build a huge sales team List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers with them. There are many such franchises in each city. Business is also good, there are many unique play styles of their own. Shang junjie, deputy dean of the school of education. At peking university, said that as long as online education can be developed. In big cities, parents in second-and third-tier cities and even in rural areas will soon understand.

Because Even Without List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

A computer, a smartphone worth a List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers few hundred yuan can go online. Ceo of homework network, said that when you walk. Into a classroom in a third-tier city, you can see an electronic whiteboard. Even in impoverished mountainous areas, hope primary school is equipped with computers. This is where the List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers opportunity for online education companies lies. Song jiajun, president of believes that the internet platform can serve a wider target group of students. Many students and parents in second- and third-tier cities cannot find better service resources locally. Online education can make up for it. Community, since ancient times, there has been a saying that “people gather together by like.

Things Are Divided List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

Into groups”, and it also means “a group formed. By more than List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers three animals gathered together”. A community, in simple terms, is a collection of people who have obvious and common. Social attributes (common hobbies, common idols, or a common hometown, etc. The famous List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers anthropologist, professor robin dunbar. Of oxford university, uk, proposed the “law of 150”, which is the famous “dunbar’s number”. Dunbar deduced from ape intelligence and social networks that the number of people whose intelligence would allow humans to have a stable. Social network is 148, rounding up to about 150. And the number of precise contacts and in-depth. Tracking of contacts is about 20 people.

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