Online Ratings Are Especially Important for Consumer Decision-making.

They show what other customers think about your business — not what you talk about it, as it appears in ads and branded content pieces . That brings a lot more confidence to decisions, don’t you think?

For the positioning of google, those ratings are essential for this reason: the search engine tries to understand what users think about your business.

Because of this, the reviews you receive on google my business count heavily toward that ranking. The more positive notes you have, the better positions you can conquer.

Google also keeps an eye out for those customer reviews on other sites like yelp or tripadvisor. The search engine analyzes the note or the content of the ratings by the keywords used in those reviews.

Therefore, what you should do is encourage your customers

to leave their opinions about your business on those platforms, especially on google my business.

The first action is to enable that option. Not allowing customers to share their experiences and impressions is synonymous with obstructing the path of dialogue with the public and transmitting a negative image of your company, which can cause counterproductive points with google.

On the other hand, it’s important to Manufacturing Directors Email Lists respond to reviews to show that you really care about encouraging more customers to do so.

Praise always deserves gratitude — try not to leave that kind of comment unanswered, even if it seems unnecessary to do so.

Criticism needs closer care, in order to understand the problem

Manufacturing Directors Email Lists

That client had and try to solve it as soon as possible.

To stimulate those reviews, you can also apply marketing strategies . Upload posts on your social networks and printed materials that ask for the active participation of your customers. Google itself offers a marketing kit for the creation of this type of material.

For a business to rank well in local pack and organic results, it needs to show that it has authority within its community.

In the eyes of google, building relevance on the web means gaining backlinks and mentions from other quality, trustworthy, and authoritative sites .

In the case of local searches, in addition to these characteristics, it is important to build a network with local companies. Thus, google will be able to better understand what the level of prominence is in the state, city or neighborhood.

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