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First of all, only some public Bulgaria Phone Number country can use nfc mobile phones. For “swipe mobile phone” payment. It is very difficult for apple pay to popularize apple’s unique. Nfc receiver in the huge chinese market. Secondly, apple’s nfc payment also needs to reach cooperation with major banks. And there are many legal Bulgaria Phone Numberand operational. Issues that need to be resolved. However, liu kuang believes that the biggest storm. For apple to launch apple pay is not apple pay itself, but this payment method. It will attract xiaomi, meizu, huawei, samsung and many other smartphone. And smart hardware companies to follow the example. With so many competitors pouring into this field. Once they stabilize their dominant position.

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They will definitely attack online alipay. Variable Bulgaria Phone Number groups under the leadership of unionpay as the leader of offline payment in china. Unionpay represents the collective interests of many domestic banks. It is a joint-stock financial Bulgaria Phone Number institution approved by the people’s bank of china. And jointly established by more than 80 domestic financial institutions. China unionpay has 152 shareholders, of which china banknote printing and minting corporation holds 142.5 million shares, with a shareholding ratio of 4.86%; china construction bank holds 4.78%; industrial and commercial bank of china, agricultural bank of china and bank of communications all hold 3.84%.

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Bulgaria Phone Number

Correspondingly, third-largest shareholder. Seeing alipay Bulgaria Phone Number growing bigger day by day, it is impossible for unionpay to do nothing. Offline acquiring payment accounts for more than 90% of unionpay’s business. If the payment scene is lost, the bank will lose most of its financial service functions. Which means that the Bulgaria Phone Number bank will lose a large number of customers. And the financial consumer market of tens of trillions in the future. Previously, alipay and unionpay have always been in the water, one focused on online, and the other dominated offline, but alipay and wechat entered the offline market under the banner of o2o, which made unionpay anxious.

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