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Directories. You’ll really be surprised at the number of calls you get from these ads. At least in the beginning, you should run a regular ad in your newspaper. This should be a display ad, at least 2 columns wide by 4 inches deep, and should appear in your Wednesday Poland Phone Number and Thursday papers. As you become established, it won’t be necessary to run more than an ad every other week in your Wednesday papers and before the holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, when people always want to spruce up their residences. Radio or television advertising really doesn’t pull.

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Of business when you compare the costs to the number of jobs you get from it. I would suggest, that you contact these media and try for a trade or barter agreement. You clean their carpets on a regular basis, and they allow you to store up advertising credit to use in the spring and fall when people are really serious about spring cleaning, and and Christmas preparations. It’s also recommended that you register as a “probationary member” of your Chamber of Commerce. This will add prestige to your business.

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On equal terms with the various other business leaders in your community. Joining and attending civic club meetings, participating in their causes and events, will also result in long-range business income for you. Something else to keep in mind: Get the word about your being in business out to the people in your area. Get the Chamber of Commerce to mention you in their newsletter; send “blurbs” about your business and service to all your area newspapers, TV and radio stations; arrange to put on an all-day demonstration of your work on the carpeting in the covered mall areas in your city’s shopping centers, and hand out brochures to all the people watching; rent a booth and hand out brochures at all the home building, remodeling.

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