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The size of the global affiliate marketing market in 2020 was over $ 17 billion – an increase from $ 13 billion in 2016. This number clearly shows that affiliate marketing is on a rising tide and is not likely to come to a halt any time soon. If you have a website that is generating decent traffic or influence in your industry, you should consider tackling affiliate marketing. Final take You need to clearly define what you offer in terms of marketing knowledge and then present your knowledge in the form of solutions to real marketing challenges. Believe us: being a generalist is not the most exciting and profitable path.

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Instead, narrowing down your knowledge will allow you to become more valuable in your field and become an expert in the long run. Google is currently full of possibilities to make your business Poland Phone Number List visible on related search queries thanks to SEO (search engine optimization) . However, these opportunities slowly diminish over time, and the future will be limited to a few companies that have almost all of the keywords in their industry. In this article, an SEO specialist will tell you why.

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To do this, however, we need to deepen our understanding of how SEO works a bit. > If you want to know more, you can find a detailed SEO guide here. A few quick basics about SEO 95% of search BS Leads engine traffic does not go to page 2, and 70.4% of clicks go to the top 5 results . This means that being on the other side of Google is almost useless. Google allows up to 10 search results on the first page, and sometimes even less if people are paying for the top and bottom ad lists. Having a keyword on Google is related to 3 main factors.

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