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How is this different from Google Image Search? When you search in Google Photos, you usually enter a term or phrase. Google tries to show you the most relevant images related to the search term. However, you can use Reverse Image Search to get the most relevant images associated with a particular photo. Google Lens Now that we’ve already talked about how useful reverse image search is, what if I tell you that Google Lens can search faster and in more detail.

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Would you still use the former? To better understand and answer people’s inquiries. Google Lens is a new augmented reality feature in Google Photos that allows users to perform a variety of tasks by simply pointing their phone’s camera at an object. Users can also take a photo with the camera and then send it to Google for processing. After processing, the Morocco Phone Number List image is placed next to the object on the screen along with the relevant information about it. > Note: This feature is currently available on the Google Photos app for Android and iOS, but will also be available on web browsers in the future. Google Lens allows you to search for an exact copy of an image. Or analyze and recognize the content of an image.

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The service will search for the image, even if it was captured from your screen. Let me explain this to you visually. Tried both Reverse Search and Google Lens and see for yourself. I used this coffee pot holder in the package as an example. Here’s how I dealt with both Google services using Google Chrome: By using the Reverse Image Search function On BS Leads , I clicked search by image (camera icon) and Google will give me two options – either I will paste the URL of an image I saw online or upload an image from my computer.

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