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Pay was opened to the majority of Bolivia Phone Number and reached cooperation. With many third-party platforms. However, wechat payment has been able to shake alipay’s dominance. Liu kuang believes that there are mainly. The following reasons. One is the user’s payment habits. For many users, online shopping has. Formed the habit Bolivia Phone Number of using alipay to pay. And suddenly letting users use wechat to pay. Many people will feel very uncomfortable. The second is the lack of online shopping scenarios. Taobao and tmall have now occupied more than half. Payment platform. The third is the ecological deficiencies of wechat payment.

Compared with Payment, Bolivia Phone Number

Alipay can pay water bills, electricity bills, gas bills, hospital registration, buy train tickets, etc., and has a strong payment ecosystem. Fourthly, users are concerned about the security of wechat payment. Many people think that Bolivia Phone Number is a social platform. They often log in and do not log out safely. Once the mobile phone is lost, they are worried that the online banking card will not be safe, so they are not assured to store money in the wechat wallet. Of course, Bolivia Phone Number give up easily, and this time the red envelope battle is the best illustration. At the same time, wechat is also making up for the ecological deficiencies.

It Is Possible Bolivia Phone Number

Bolivia Phone Number

At present, to recharge phone bills, buy lottery Bolivia Phone Number tickets, recharge q coins, buy movie tickets, and manage money. For a supplement of the online shopping scene, tencent has also made great efforts. Although online tencent does not have the e-commerce advantages of alibaba, it has also connected to dianping, and meilishuo. Offline has also become an important breakthrough for tencent. Last year, tencent launched a very advantageous qr code payment. Unfortunately, it was suspended due to security issues and the interests of traditional banks. In the future, wechat will continue to be offline. Launch an onslaught. Tencent is well Bolivia Phone Number aware that if it cannot create a strong online shopping payment scene, even if wechat pay has a strong user base, it may be just a decoration in the end.

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