Platforms such as Facebook

Do you really have to fill in this extra field before you can continue? Yes, unfortunately”. By wording it in this way, you respond to the haste and the urge for efficiency of the user. You cultivate mutual understanding. And even if such an ‘unnecessary field’ eventually disappears in a new version of the system, you can then refer back in conversations: “Remember, that annoying extra action?

And what are consumer experiences?

We have now removed it.” Such a joint relief is nice to ‘celebrate’ collectively. We even once did an internal awareness campaign in a rap video Netherlands WhatsApp Number List format where we ‘dise’ the people who were not using an internal publishing system properly. Despite the humorous approach, the message came across loud and clear. In such a case, the creative form reinforces the substantive message.

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How popular are social

Just the way content creation is meant to be… Fun at work Anyway, so much for a random series of examples that keep us creatively sharp. The most important in a row: use your imagination, dare to think in extremes, and make room for negative emotions, but also teach them for gymnastics. We are curious about your own ways to keep creativity and fun at work – especially in these challenging times.

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