Platforms Themselves Not to External Search

Of course you can pay to be at the top of the list of sellers. Whether that is in the search results or standard with the product itself. That’s fine too. But it must be made clear that it has been paid for, so that the consumer can recognize it.

That is fair for competing sellers and for the consumer. This way the consumer cannot accidentally get the idea that the former seller is also the best. After all, that is not necessarily the case.

Is it not only about paying for a position in the lists, but also about advertisements? They must of course also be recognizable. Actually, that’s not a new rule. This has always been necessary. It has now only been clarified for these types of advertisements, so that there can be no misunderstanding about it.

Who is responsible for what?

In addition to the confusion consumers can have about where they bought something, often comes the confusion about where to get their rights if something goes wrong.

If a consumer buys from a third seller on, many consumers have the idea that they have bought something from themselves. If they do not receive the product, if it breaks too quickly or if something else is wrong, they will contact bol Tunisia Phone Number com customer service. Perhaps not entirely incomprehensible, but also does not have all the information, because they were not the seller themselves.

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The importance of these new rules sometimes closes third-party web shops on their own platform, because nothing has been sold for too long. Doesn’t seem like a crazy arrangement at first glance. But if this seller sells products that also sells itself or where there are several sellers, then it is perhaps not surprising that few are sold at others. always puts itself at the top.

That is why from now on it should also be clearer who bears which responsibilities. After all, the consumer pays, while an agreement is also entered into with the third seller. If the two then also refer to each other when the consumer wants money back, then there is of course a problem. That is why good agreements must be made between the platform and the third-party seller about who is responsible for what and this must be communicated well to the consumer.

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