Political action and human immortality: The pursuit of immortality, in modern society, or the motivation for political action

What does political action have to do with human immortality? This is a question in Hannah Arendt’s philosophy that I have always wondered about. In many of her writings, especially The Human Condition, Elan emphasizes man’s pursuit of immortality. She even goes back to the time of pre-socrates in ancient greece. Saying that the greek city-states at that time attached. Great importance to political participation. And even generally believed that political action was. The only way to respond to the inevitable death of people. She distinguishes between eternity and immortality. The former is a way of existence that transcends time. Through contemplation, especially philosophy, people grasp the eternal truth and live a non-time life. Olam’s frequently cited examples are Plato and Aristotle, both of whom express a yearning for a contemplative life in their writings.


Unlike eternity, immortality is still a way of living in the world,

in time. People are bound to Qatar Phone Number die, this is an irreversible fate, but people can obtain immortal life through the memory of others, by leaving their names and deeds in the community and in history. From this point, Olan said that the political participation of ancient Greek city-states was the place where people gathered, discussed and acted. Through biography and other historical accounts, my story has been passed down through the ages (or smeared through the ages).

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Oran said that this was the arrangement of death in the original ancient Greece.

What I’ve never understood is why Elan (seems) thinks that the pursuit of immortality can still be a motivation for political action in modern society? Do we, who live in modern society, still find the “immortality in the world” described by Elan valuable? I doubt it. And if we erase the quest for immortality, how should we understand the dynamics of political action?  In a crazy society, we see a lot of crazy people and crazy things every day. many. too much. If there is still a trace of joy in one crazy farce after another, it will probably only be those moving stories set off by farce. We have seen how many fearless and unrepentant nobles, how heart-piercing heroism, and how helpless grief. They are all flesh and blood. They all have first and last names. We may not have participated in the performance of these stories, but we can still remember the stories and lengthen the fleeting trajectory of meteors a little. The pursuit of immortality may not necessarily be the pursuit of one’s own immortality. It may be just indignant, indignant madness still exists, but the beautiful story will soon disappear. Perhaps the pursuit of immortality is to make their stories immortal.


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