Post Offices and Carriers Adopted New Hygiene Procedures,

Temporarily removed employees with suspected covid-19, reduced their operating capacity, and replaced transportation modes.

They have not stopped working so as not to cause more negative impact on society. But the changes have affected delivery times—and costs, in some cases—for mail, packages and, of course, e-commerce orders.

Therefore, also review your delivery options . It may be interesting to adopt new options, such as looking for the purchase in the store – if possible – or negotiating with other suppliers.

In any case, be transparent with the consumer, notifying him of the changes in costs and deadlines in this period.

As long as it fits within your costs, the free shipping option is a good way to avoid these impacts and maintain sales.

Review payment options

In addition to shipping options, also review payment options. He understands that most consumers saw their finances affected by the crisis.

Therefore, offer them more payment options that make the purchase easier, such as:

payment in installments more often;
installments without interest;
discount for cash payment;
cash payment (when picking up at the store);
integration with payment applications.
The Sales Directors Email Lists more payment options you offer, the more customers you can serve . Thus, they can choose what best suits the moment.

Do Not Highlight the Discount Coupon Field

Sales Directors Email Lists

The discount coupon is an excellent promotional marketing tool . However, displaying it in the box can backfire. Of course, you can’t hide this field at checkout, because whoever has the coupon needs to know where to use it.

But what about who doesn’t have a coupon? Realizing that they might have a discount on their purchase, the user may get frustrated, give up the purchase, search for the competition, or try to find a Google coupon.

This increases the possibility of abandoning the cart or reducing the purchase price.

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