Product Description Tabs Can Kill Conversions

In conclusion, Quickly search for “Product Description Tab” on Google. However, You may find all the ways the Product tabs can help and how to add them to your site. The claim of profit is as follows. Add content to your website Reduce complexity No need to scroll to find more information look sophisticated Improve user experience What I didn’t see is all the reasons for not using tabs. Product Description Tab Reality Hide important content at a glance To reduce complexity, store owners set up product tabs. The explanation is usually first. Because they believe it is most important to their customers. Then everything else (product specifications, size, materials, or shipping details) is in the other tabs.

Other Content Is Boring. It’s Usually Something

Moreover, they need to share, not creative or fun content. I do this the same warning I see on electronic devices that keep me away from water. Everyone knows that putting electronics near water can end up badly, but the disclaimer should be there. However, the problem is that you are deciding what is important to the shopper. As a vegan, I’m always looking at the material, and I don’t want to look for this long and hard. Illustrator Art Work Hiding tab information requires shoppers to click on different tabs to find what they need. Your job is to provide information and let your customers decide what is important to them. Depending on how you code your tabs, you may have hidden this content from Google.

Illustrator Art Work

If Google Can’t Show Your Content, It Won’t Show

Up in search results and your seo will be. in most cases tabs will not be able to access wcag google is like a visually impaired person. They can’t “see” what’s on your page and rely on software to tell them what’s there. As mentioned above, depending on how you code your product tabs, important content may be hidden from google. It’s like a screen reader. Users navigating pages using screen readers and keyboards need specific code to function properly. Effectively saying that everything here isn’t really important if it’s not properly coded. If you ignore accessibility, revenue is also ignored. It is your responsibility as the shopkeeper to ensure that your website is accessible.

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