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Programs that are currently arranged Chile Phone Number in one direction. Wechat’s involvement has enabled tv producers. To see the dawn of interactive tv programs. In recent years, there has been a popular argument. In the tv circle that users who have defected. To the internet must brought back to the living room. One of the Chile Phone Number feasible methods is to allow users. Especially young users, to participate in the program. To enhance their understanding of tv. The stickiness of the program, regardless. Of whether the user abandoned the tv and went to the internet and whether. It can pulled back, first of all. We have to admit that the tv program can be more exciting after the interaction. Of the user, the only bottleneck is that there is no proper communication.

Channel; and Wechat, Chile Phone Number

As a giant-sized national application, already Chile Phone Number has a very wide user base, which makes it possible to obtain user feedback at any time during the production process of tv programs and even during the broadcast process to determine the direction of the program. On the other hand, with the intervention of wechat, the Chile Phone Number promotion of tv programs  become more flexible and diverse, and interactive content reasonably set in the most attractive part of the program to attract more users to wechat moments actively sharing. The promotion effect will more accurate and effective. For smart tv applications and related mobile phone applications, has the market become bigger, “the wolf will come”?

The Huge Commercial Chile Phone Number

Chile Phone Number

Value contained in social tv cannot ignored by any relevant person in the industry. Of course, the first to grasp this demand is not wechat (there was no such thing in those days), but major tv stations. Since the 1990s, tv stations have used the most Chile Phone Number advanced social methods at that time to satisfy the sense of participation of all tv viewers. The more famous ones include the voice call on football night(i haven’t able to call it once anyway. And the “hula” mobile client that continuously advertised by mouth in various Chile Phone Number programs of hunan satellite tv. After entering the era of triple play, with the rise of smart tvs, a considerable number of smart tvs and peripheral applications.

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