Promotes the Organic Positioning of Your Website

We agree that advancing towards the first positions of. The google results pages (serps) is one of the most important objectives. In digital marketing . In the end, 53.3% of all internet traffic is organic.

Website maintenance not only allows you to check that the front-end. Aspects are optimized, but that the technical seo settings are. Working as they should to guarantee your share of organic traffic .

In this process, evaluations are made on the loading speed. The operation of the links and buttons, the review of the responsive. Design and other factors related to the positioning of your website in google.

Ensures that the user experience is optimal


A page that loads quickly, adapts to the VP Communications Officer Email Lists size of all devices, has up-to-date information. And is navigable, without a doubt, will create a user experience that your visitors will want to repeat.

And it is that it is of little use to have a very elaborate page only once if. Over time, the data, the functionalities, the design and. The structure become outdated, turning it into a website. That does not impact users or prepare them for sale . .

Generate more conversion opportunities
Now, delivering a seamless user experience paves the way for users. To be willing to move down the sales funnel , moving through the conversion stages .

If in the end you want your visitors to fill out a form, download a material. Or request a quote, web maintenance helps you achieve it.

For example, in the particular case of e-commerce,

VP Communications Officer Email Lists

web maintenance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the products are in the correct categories, that the shopping carts work and that the payment gateway processes the orders without problems.

All of this can represent an instant sale and a satisfied customer .

Keeps the information of your company and your clients safe
Taking into account that 64% of companies have experienced attacks on the Internet, web security is a requirement to operate in the digital ecosystem.

And it is that it protects your pages, data and information, because not only can it rescue the information in the face of any eventuality, but it also takes the necessary actions to prevent possible attacks.

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