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Props are the mainstays, and other modes Lebanon Phone Number need to be explored. The future profitability is still unknown. And the unknown is also a source of fear. Moreover, as far as the current development. Of the entire mobile internet is concerned. The most important consideration is the development of users. Now the number Lebanon Phone Number of users has formed. A scale barrier, and then it is the commercialization consideration. At this time, many products will face a dilemma. The more users you develop, the higher the cost; but the more users you have, the higher the cost. You will still not be able to make money. And the more you will lose, but you are still full of confidence.

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Very interesting difficulties in Lebanon Phone Number the development of food. Social applications specific to the food social application. In addition to facing the problems existing in the development. Of vertical social applications, there Lebanon Phone Number are also two embarrassing. Points that cannot be bypassed. Social and practical take the gourmet dating artifact. Where to eat as an example, this is a gourmet social app that focuses on user food. Sharing and restaurant recommendation. At present, it is mainly instrumental. That is, to help users find restaurants, but in this regard, an opponent. That cannot be bypassed is dianping, which cannot compete. With it in terms of data or preferential services, so this is a product shortcoming.

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Therefore, to achieve better development Lebanon Phone Number of where to eat. You can only use the product positioning. Of focusing on food sharing and food interest social networking to enhance strengths. And avoid weaknesses, and weaken Lebanon Phone Number its tool attributes. Making tools a standard. Therefore, the latest trend of qunar eats is that it is making. A drastic revision of the product. Focusing more on the user’s food sharing content, making a food social application. Based on the user’s ugc, and serving other. Users based on the user’s ugc food and restaurant information. Make restaurant recommendations. So as to realize the integration of social interest and tool attributes.

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