Provide Clear Information on the Cart Page

Do not hide any information in the cart to close the sale soon. This brings more insecurity, can provoke resistance, cause dissatisfaction and even weigh against your reputation.

Be transparent about all the data of the purchase: the price of the product, additional fees, payment methods, delivery times, freight, among others.

During the period of the pandemic, it is very possible that the delivery conditions change, with longer terms or costs.

Therefore, add a statement about those te,as, indicating that the deadlines are extended or that the order may be delayed. It is better to have transparency in the present than to deal with complaints in the future.

13. Do not force the user to register

Do you really need the user to create an eCommerce account to make a purchase? Of course, it is important to have this person in your contact base, but this step can make it difficult to close the sale.

As we saw before, the obligation to Training Directors Email Lists create an account is the second most important reason for abandoning carts.

In this period of crisis, I imagine that you are more concerned about sales than user registrations, right? It offers the option to make the purchase as a guest, providing only the essential information.

If you still want them to create an account, offer them the option of social login (via Google, Facebook, etc.), which automatically fills in the profile details. Another option is to offer a discount or other type of benefit to those who register.

Make it easy to fill out forms

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Forms are unavoidable when shopping online. But they represent a hot spot for cart abandonment when they are too long, difficult to fill, or have errors.

These problems are often exacerbated on mobile devices, when websites are not mobile friendly .

Adopt resources that make it easier to fill out the form:

request only essential data;
clarifies which fields are required;
use address autocomplete (from zip code);
indicates, in the image of a credit card, the data requested by the form;
offers the option to save your card details for future purchases;
instantly validate completed fields;
places guidelines and examples of how to fill in the form fields;
in mobile e-commerce, set the numeric keypad for numeric fields;
add help buttons with explanations about the fields or why you need that data.

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