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Public many people have seen Brazil Phone Number this spoof video. But few people know that this is actually a ghost video. The last time the bilibili video website (also known as station b) appeared. In the public eye was because. Of the smash hit barrage last year. This time, the spoof jackie chan video. Born at station b is a Brazil Phone Number typical ghost video. The word “ghost animal” comes from japanese. And describes people who do cruel things. Or who are terrifyingly black-bellied. As far as video is concerned, it refers to a type. Of video in which a rhythm is combined. With extremely high-frequency repetitive. Pictures (or sounds) through video clips, and the synchronization. Rate of audio and video is extremely high.

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Synthesize jackie chan’s shampoo Brazil Phone Number advertisement with pang mailang’s “my skateboard shoes” into a ghost video “my shampoo”. In fact, ghost animal videos have long existed in the acg (animation, comics, and games) circle. Because the materials used are relatively small, it has always been a state of fire in the Brazil Phone Number unknown to those outside the circle. However, since the protagonist this time is jackie chan, the shampoo advertisement whose endorsement was cracked down can be described as well-known. Coupled with the popular divine comedy “my skateboard shoes” last year, these elements have no difficulty or threshold for the public to understand.

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Brazil Phone Number

Therefore, of ghosts and animals, and set Brazil Phone Number off a national carnival. “duang” in good time “duang” can be popular, an important factor is to catch up with good timing. After entering 2015, everyone is summarizing Brazil Phone Number the buzzwords of 2014. But almost two months have passed since 2015, and no new buzzwords have been born. In the past, this important task was undertaken by the spring festival gala. “too talented”, “not bad for money”, “omit the word * here” are the masterpieces of the spring festival gala. But in recent years, the spring festival gala has lost its glory and instead has become a “repeater machine” of internet buzzwords.

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