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The people you hire should be outgoing and trustworthy. With the ability to deal with customers in a professional and courteous manner. If your flower vending business is to successful. And highly profitable, you’ll probably need it when dealing with your supplier. Roses and carnations will be your best sellers. Your best sales months will be during the holidays so you will have to make sure you have an adequate supply of flowers. You’ll also want to have a supply of appropriate flowers

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Around the edges, the flower is probably too old. When buying carnations, look to see if they are firm and heavy-stemmed. If carnations are somewhat discolored, don’t buy them, because they probably aren’t fresh. The largest part of your inventory will most likely be roses. Roses are the most desired flower, and they are expensive. Prices will vary with the season and area of purchase. Carnations will also make up a substantial portion of your inventory. These flowers, while very attractive and popular, are much less expensive than roses. Other flowers you may want to add to your inventory are gardenias, tulips, daffodils, and orchids. Some of these flowers are expensive and usually appeal to an older set of customers, so don’t go overboard.

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To get a permit. The best thing to do is consult a trusted attorney. Or contact the business-license department in the city. Your market covers to find out what licensing requirements you must meet. If you plan to sell flowers in restaurants and nightclubs. It is usually not necessary to have a license. not require an abundance of sophisticated equipment, start-up costs can be kept to a minimum. The basic equipment necessary should not cost more than $200 and can usually be found at a wholesale florist supply house. You can also get your supplies and equipment They should include business If you are not familiar with your tax responsibilities as a business owner.

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