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Did you know that rd station. Even before having a software for sale. Started only with a blog to bring information to the market about digital marketing? Yes. At the same address of the portal where you are reading this post now. Digital results! Well. That was a novelty at the time. As few people had heard of email automation or inbound marketing. For example.

That’s why we always say that education is in dr’s dna . Our mission Finland Phone Number is to empower the people and companies that make the economy grow – and that includes providing valuable content for everyone. We have been doing this for 11 years with our websites. Blogs and educational materials (ebooks. Tools. Webinars and online events). But some time ago we concluded that we needed to go further.

This is how we created and are investing more and more in rd university. In this post. We will tell you all about our online course and education platform. Also known as rdu. If by any chance you want to go straight to the platform. Click on the banner below and start learning!

What is rd university rd university is rd station’s online

Course and education platform. Fully integrated into the company’s content arm. Which maintains the digital results brand. Rdu currently offers 23 digital marketing. Sales and customer success courses. Classes are taught by specialists from the company itself and renowned professionals in the market. With proven results.

Finland Phone Number

It has been around since 2016. And has gone through different moments and transformations. Now. In 2022. We are releasing a new rdu. Hosted on an even better learning management system. And we are preparing new courses. So that you and the market are always up to date!

In fact. More than 200.000 people have already developed with rd university courses! The platform has practical content that can be studied according to the student’s available time. A certificate of completion is made available to those who complete the classes and take a final test to complete the learning. Next. We will present each of the courses already available.

This post will always be updated with our news in education.

What courses does rd university offer? The courses that rd station offers through rd university can be accessed by anyone. To make it easier. However. We divided them into groups. Which is the format we will present next. Check out everything you can learn with us. Plus the time and investment it takes – there’s a lot of free stuff!

Rd university digital marketing courses
currently. Rdu has 11 digital marketing courses. One of them. The introduction to inbound marketing . Is free! We have 2 other inbound marketing fundamentals. One for analysts and one for managers – both for 99 reais.

We also have two recently launched courses on copywriting and event marketing . Finally. You can take 6 in-depth courses.

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