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That takes you into the homes of your customers. Therefore, how you look, dress, and handle yourself – particularly. In the presence of your customers – will have a direct bearing on the success of your business. Be clean, and conduct yourself in a business-like manner at Oman Phone Number all times. Dress neatly. In fact, one of the best ways to get off to a fast start is to purchase a working uniform from Sears, Ward’s or Penney’s. Drop by a “pennant shop” and have them make up a special oval name tag that can be sewn over the left breast pocket.

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Make up a large oval with the name of your business and your phone number to sew on the back of the uniform. When you hire people to help you with the work, outfit them similarly. Go out of your way to be polite and friendly with your customers, but refrain from being fresh. Avoid getting involved in extended conversations – if you are to keep on schedule, you won’t have time for a lot of talks. Keep your equipment clean, properly maintained, and operating smoothly. Have your supplies organized and within easy reach. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in a position where you have to make excuses.

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properly, you can’t find what you need, or you suddenly find yourself out of certain supplies. When working these advertising specials, just concentrate on doing the job and moving on to your next customer. If the customer questions you about the cost to do the other rooms, give an estimate and set up a tentative appointment, which you should later confirm with a call-back after checking your schedule. Don’t try to sell your complete carpet cleaning services on this first call, but do be sure to leave a business card with the name of your company and your phone number. Your service.

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