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Action plan to improve your e-commerce conversions types of e-commerce sell morethere are several types of e-commerce and in each model the marketing is execut according to the profile of the business and the type of client. This opens up a range of possibilities. B B2b (business-to-business) this type of e-commerce carries out its operations with other companies . Normally. These are stores that sell materials or supplies for other companies to serve third parties.

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B2c (business-to-consumer) they are stores that distribute products and services to final consumers. The operations are carried out directly and without intermediaries . It is common that they are clothing stores. Beauty products. Footwear. Toys. Electronics. Among others. Virtual store Guatemala Phone Numbers promotion button c2b (consumer-to-business) these are websites where consumers offer products or services. And companies make offers to obtain them. This exchange is common on pages where professionals are hired in exchange for payment of their fees. It is often a model that fits freelancers and freelancers .

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C2c (consumer-to-consumer) types of ecommercethese are the companies dedicat to managing platforms for consumers to market products to each other . This model is usually quite successful. A good example is wallapop. It is a kind of electronic market that includes second-hand products where there are opportunities at very good prices. As you can see. There are several faces of the same business. And this is not all that e-commerce offers.

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