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Or ask yourself how you can increase engagement with and investment in your product or service by letting users do their best. The next time you want to change the behavior of employees, consumers or citizens, why not consider whether you really want to make the desired behavior as easy as possible? There is nothing wrong with making things easy.

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But do realize that without friction the chance of lasting change is small. Friction ensures that people make a conscious choice and internalize it. And that makes a lasting change a lot more likely. Why make it difficult when you can do it easily? Because El Salvador WhatsApp Number List in certain cases you want the behavior to take place consciously and permanently. With little friction, everything goes smoothly – maybe too smooth.

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Effort or friction

Learn more about UX Design, Process and Research A good user experience therefore responds to the wishes, needs and behavior of the visitors. And depending on the goal, a little friction every now and then can’t hurt. If you want to get started with optimizing the UX, a handy training course can help you. Discover how to devise solutions that increase usability and accessibility. Curious?

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