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A key part of the analysis is to ensure that all chosen. Keywords and the content they support meet the search intent of the target. Audience (I.E. Provide clear answers to questions from researchers). 3. Website analytics data analytics data (and we will look specifically at google analytics here) can also provide direction and/or validation on what content to create. Distribute and/or promote. For starters, you can look at organic search landing page data to determine. The top entry pages for that channel. These pages are naturally the ones that have established some search visibility. Refine this list of “priority” pages further by identifying those with relatively low bounce rates. High average session duration, and pages per session.

Advertising continue reading below in other words

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pages that feature higher engagement. If you have goal Nigeria Phone Number conversions set up in ga, you can also assign . A value to landing pages based on the achievement of the goals they influenced. Google analytics organic. Search landing pages landing page data is also available through google search console (gsc), including. Impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and average position. Gsc will sometimes reveal pieces of content (such as pdfs or images) that are not typical landing pages as tracked in google analytics, but also represent visibility. Opportunities. Advertising continue reading below as discussed with serp data, all landing pages reported. Here, or at least the first pages depending on volume and available resources, should undergo a thorough. Technical, usability and keyword audit.

To ensure that they are as optimized as possible

Incoming link data another way to zero in on content with potential authority is to identify the pages. On your website(s) that other relevant websites link to. These pages, by definition, have some level of authority, at least in the eyes. Of those who have chosen to link to them and, by extension, search engines provided they. Have been indexed. Not all links are created equal. So you’ll want to understand which links are followed. And unfollowed and which domains have both relevance and authority. If you have 100 inbound links. To a page, but 99 of them are from low quality spammy sites, you are receiving little or no value.

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