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And there’s no need for that: a professional corporate photographer is clear about the price tag attached to his work. It is quite possible that a basic overview of the prices can be found on the website, but above all request a tailor-made quote. Ultimately, it is nice for both you and the photographer to know where you stand before you start working together.

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Does the photographer not come up with an unambiguous number? Then you better look further. clear price agreements with photographerDifferent photographers make different quotes. It does not always make sense to let your choice depend on Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List the amount at the bottom of the line. It is also important how long and where you can use the photos; on the web, in print, on billboards, on billboards worldwide?

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On billboards worldwide, the next 15 years? This has to do with the license that the photographer has in his conditions . 6. Eye for detail, with a view on the big picture By default I use that a company may use my photos within the Benelux for an indefinite period of time. That is sufficient for 90% of my assignments. If you have growth ambitions in the US, you can purchase a worldwide license.

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