SEO for new websites: 5 tips to rank on Google

Matter if you are starting a business on the internet or taking a physical business to the digital world. Having a website is essential to working on brand presence and reach.
One of the biggest challenges in this process is building and optimizing a website so that it stands out from the thousands of competing pages. With over 1.8 billion websites on the web . Your brand needs visibility.
In this sense. A widely used strategy is to achieve a good ranking in search engines such as google . This allows you to attract organic traffic . Increase awareness and even generate sales.
The problem is that the search engine algorithm gives a lot of importance to the age and authority of the domain. That is. Newly launched sites end up having less chance of appearing in the first positions when compared to competitors that have been in the market for a longer time.
Fortunately. There are seo techniques for new websites that allow you to optimize recent pages to gain better positions on google.
Want to know some of these techniques? So keep reading this text until the end.
What is seo?
Seo is the acronym for search engine optimization . Or optimization for search engines. In direct translation. It is a series of techniques to increase the visibility of your pages in search engines when the public searches for a subject related to your business.
That is. With seo. Websites and pages are more likely to appear on google for users. Reach better positions in the results and. Thus. Generate organic traffic.
Seo is a very important strategy to give more visibility to your business on the internet. After all. 97% of consumers search the internet before purchasing a new product or service. According to a survey by e-commerce brasil .

Why is seo important?

This means that making your website or page appear on google when the public performs a search increases your chances of communicating and selling to those people.
A well-crafted seo strategy helps to position a website in the best search positions for strategic keywords. With this. Your business can attract the attention of potential customers. Generate leads for the sales funnel and increase brand recognition.
5 seo tips for new websites
as we explained. There are several factors that search engines take into account when ranking the content of a page. And the age and authority Hungary Phone Number of the domain are some of those criteria.
That is. Newly launched sites may take a little longer to show the first results with seo techniques.
Fortunately. You don’t need to be an seo or web design expert to create a page that is optimized and able to climb the google rankings faster.
With the 5 seo tips for new websites below. You can speed up this process and ensure that your pages have more visibility in searches:
1. Choose your domain name carefully
the domain name. That is. Your website. Is one of the most important aspects for attracting traffic.
When registering a domain . Choose a name in line with what your brand offers . It needs to indicate how your products or services can help the public.

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In addition to helping with the user experience. A domain name also boosts seo. Search engines look at the website name to determine what the page is about. And. With that. Rank it correctly in the search results.
You can either use your brand name . Which helps in branding your business. Or use a strong keyword in your industry.
2. Have an outline of your site’s structure
our second seo tip for new websites is to create an outline of your website structure in advance .

This outline serves

To predict which pages will need to be created. Such as the about the company. Contact. Products page. Among others.
It is important to have a well-defined site architecture to facilitate user navigation and help search engine robots identify the subject of each page and thus correctly classify them in search results.
In addition. Creating this outline helps you plan the content creation of your pages with much more organization. Optimizing time and reducing rework.
3. Plan your website content in advance
before officially putting your website online and starting to publicize the address to the public. It is essential to have the most perennial content. Which will not change frequently. Produced in advance .
Pages such as “about the company”. “contact” and “services” have more permanent content and do not undergo frequent changes. Therefore. It is a good idea to have them ready before launching the site.
In addition. It is worth creating an editorial calendar with a forecast of creation and publication of the next content and pages . Especially if you plan to maintain a blog for your business.
And remember to produce the contents of each page based on keyword strategies for your business! These are the search terms that will make users find your site in search engines.
During this planning. Also think about internal linking between pages on your site . Define the most important and strategic content and ensure that other pages have links directing the user to them.

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