Seo for Show Reasons to Say No to Keyword Requests and

We love working with customers who are crazy about SEO. Nothing beats a customer who is fully aware of the power of SEO to drive the company’s. Growth and is ready to get to the bottom of it. And we love our customers and want to help their business prosper. So sometimes we have to say no to our customers.

From time to time, customers will ask us to adopt SEO tactics or pursue keyword. Themes that are not effective in supporting their business goals in our experience. It’s not just that it doesn’t work, it can steal great results from more influential SEO activities by diverting valuable resources (time, energy, money). This can lead to an unpleasant deadlock if you need to gently inform you that what you are looking for does not support your success in order to do your best in the long run.

Seo-For-Show Makes Absolute Sense to Stakeholders,

but is deliberate (going in the wrong direction), which helps businesses achieve their goals in the larger context of their search strategy. It’s a term coined to describe SEO requirements. You might hear something like this from a SaaS customer. Being seen as the creator or pioneer of a category dominates the unknown, as success in the software world is not about overcoming competition in old games, but inventing entirely new games. Philippines Photo Editor It’s an important part to establish.

Philippines Photo Editor

For Illustration , Imagine a Fictitious Customer Ready

to confuse the file storage industry with a new product called Nebulosity that is deprecating cloud services . The founders of Nebulosity assert that they need to be ranked in a new category called “mist storage”. 

No one is looking for it because they don’t know it exists. Investing resources to promote what no one is looking for can’t bring qualified leads to Nebulousity websites, and most importantly, it doesn’t help them make money.


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