Shopify Rich Snippets: Improve Organic Traffic to Convert

All Shopify stores want more revenue and profits. For many stores, that means more traffic at the top of the goal-achieving process. Organic search engine traffic is great because it’s free, but the time it takes to build it can be quite long. It’s a zero-sum game because all of our competitors are fighting for the same traffic and rankings. Your competitors must lose in order for you to gain more traffic. This quickly turns into a huge SEO landscape. Photo Retouching Service When PageRank, backlinks, and complex schemes are standard. More traffic, same ranking, However, there is a better way for e-commerce stores.

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How to Get More Traffic in The Search Engine Rankings

you already have. Something that works in conjunction with anything else you do for SEO. It’s also a one-time activity that requires minimal maintenance once configured. Sounds like an SEO secret that you need to buy some info products to get it right? No, none of them here. It’s actually Google’s and what they want you to use . Rich snippet I’m talking about Google’s rich snippet program. These are a set of extensions that Google adds to store search results to display additional data about each page. You’ve actually seen them before, but you may not be aware that it’s what they’re called.

The Main Goal of The Shopify Store Is to Get Snippets

rich in products so that product data can be displayed directly in search results. The secondary goal is to have rich snippets on blog posts and pages. Extensive snippet examples Rich snippet sample for iPad The following is an example of iPad Air search results. I love this because it shows different versions of rich snippets. The first of Best Buy has a regular list, but with some links to different variations of the iPad. The second one from Amazon shows the rating and reviews the rich snippets.

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