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If you have set up your website properly, this will largely happen automatically, because photos and image resolutions adjust in the browser. But you do want photos to look beautiful on any screen. If photos are smaller than the screen they are view on, a browser or website setting can’t do much for you. Photos that you place at the top of a website often have the full width of a screen.

Larger photos on your site

Then it is useful that the photo is 1920 pixels wide. If that photo isn’t and you’re using a photo that’s only 1600 pixels, that photo will be displayed at 120% on a screen that’s 1920 pixels wide. Then a photo may look blurry. Also read: How to prepare Algeria WhatsApp Number List a briefing for your photographer [8 tips] If your visitor has a screen resolution with Quad HD (2560 pixels), it may even be the case that a photo of 1600 pixels wide will be display at 160%. Although that also depends on the website settings.

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Do you have visitors who work

Either way, make sure a header photo is 1920 pixels wide if that photo will be view by most website visitors across the full screen width of an HD display. Larger photos on your site Do you have visitors who work with larger screens than full HD? Then consider larger website photos. For example, do you focus on designers, art directors, photographers, gamers or advertising agencies?

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