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In many cases, it’s more about finding the right .Person than finding an agency that can do the job competently. Many times when a company tells. Me they have been “burned” by a reputable agency, I find the issue to be more with the fit than the actual work. For example, my agency is more aggressive than many others when it comes to getting  things done. We tend to ask for forgiveness instead of permission it works well for many customers. That’s why clients who want to micro-manage all aspects of their campaign are generally not a good fit for us. That’s not to say companies that want to tightly. Manage their agencies are bad customers.

In fact, we were successful with them once

Kenya Phone Number

we understood each other. Advertising continue reading below Kenya Phone Number but clients who want to know everything we do all the time usually don’t last long with our agency. It’s all about form. Regardless of the fit, when a company is cheap, it can have problems. Do the math I’m going to ask you to do some calculations. I promise it will be relatively painless. Here are some seo salary stats from glassdoor. Numbers have been rounded to keep things simple. Average seo salary (1-3 years of experience) average seo salary (4-6 years of experience) average seo salary (7-9 years of experience) average seo salary. Of work per month, unless you just settle into it without worrying about improvement. The return. Are there exceptions? Yes. Sites that compete in low-competition niches can get away with less than 10 hours of work per month. But if you want to continue to receive a return on investment of 3 times what you put on the site. You will have to spend 10 hours per month on it.

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The required 10 hours for a few months, but eventually your results will wane and you’ll end up spending a lot more. Than 10 hours to get the results where they need to be. . Advertising continue reading below in my opinion. Advertising should offer a return of three times the effort and money spent on it, otherwise there is no reason. To do everything . This advertising includes seo. Cheap seo does not calculate I showed you the salaries. And talked about the time it takes to put together a quality program. If a person works a standard schedule. Of 40 hours per week, I assume that only about 25 of those weekly hours are billable. I have a pretty good idea of ​​the minimum effort it. Takes to be successful. I guess a basic seo effort for a simple site will require around 10 hours of work. Per month in most cases. The 10 hours only apply after one month. The first month usually takes more than. 10 hours because everything is in place – audits, strategy, communication, etc. Honestly, unless you’re just. Way more efficient than anyone I’ve worked with, you’ll find that even the most basic site requires 10 hours.

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