Smooth the path

Both the longer waiting time and the texts above the elevator make the desired behavior more likely. But in the second case, people are more likely to do it in other situations and point out the negative consequences of elevator use to others. The choice is not only made consciously, but also internalized. This increases the chance that people will also exhibit the desired behavior at other times and in different environments.

Make it easy

Friction can also lead to a better outcome for personal goals. Learning a new skill, training for a marathon, not drinking alcohol for a month: all experiences that involve friction. Sometimes so much that you want to throw in the towel. But those Egypt WhatsApp Number List friction experiences provide all the more satisfaction when you achieve your goal. Also read: UX elusive? Make your progress measurable with these 7 metrics Why make it difficult when you can do it easily?

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Prevent friction

Do we have to make things difficult on purpose? Not always. But the idea that sometimes bad can also be good gives a lot of food for thought. It’s not so black and white. Sometimes you don’t want an effortless experience that puts a smile on someone’s face. Why not start with a bad design the next time you design a user experience? Who knows what will emerge.

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