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On the home page, there are services offered, a list of them, what they do, testimonials and an introduction to each team member. There is also a blog to share stories, adventures and tips. All links are at the top and bottom of the page so they are easy to find. 24. Hasson Company The design of this website is creative and stands out from other realtor websites. They use a circular image and post the last update time so viewers know if the site is up to date.

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This real estate agent website offers several different forms that you can fill out to easily receive. Information about buying, selling, and understanding the value of your home. Related : Working with a Indonesia WhatsApp Number List WordPress Developer. 4. Kale Estate This real estate agent website uses uppercase capital letters throughout most of the site. There is also a video explaining the business in 60 seconds, keep it short and sweet. Simple icons and some cartoon pictures can draw attention to important information and engage the audience.

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Elion Real Estate The site has a nice visual of their company, as well as helpful information on buying/selling a house. On the home page, they share customer testimonials, the latest news about home buying, and social media links. These features help potential customers get the information they need and allow them to easily connect with businesses. 23. Living room estate Living Room Realty has a very hospitable website with lots of different happy and smiling pictures.

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